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Possessing impeccable taste and a lifelong love of fashion, it was no surprise to friends and family when Karin Gentry launched her eponymous line of luxurious accessories for stylish and vibrant women.

After studying broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California and immersing herself in the world of lifestyle and entertainment publishing, Karin wanted to channel her sartorial instincts into a new venture.

The inspiration came a few years ago when a friend suggested that she design a luxe line of chic and accessibly priced accessories for women.  Each of them had been frustrated by the dearth of options for fabulous pieces that were high in quality and affordable.

The creative entrepreneur inside Karin was completely stirred by the idea.  She got to work immediately, developing prototypes, refining sketches and making test pieces to give to friends and family.  The enthusiastic response to her creations confirmed everything Karin already knew: this was a dream she had to pursue.   

Like every worthy vision this one required every ounce of her perseverance and tenacity to turn into a reality.  Undaunted, Karin devoted the next several years to learning every aspect of the creative and production processes.  This entrepreneurial journey has resulted in a luxe brand with an introductory collection of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that reflect Karin’s passions and vivacious approach to life and style.

At the heart of the Karin Gentry lifestyle is a conscious commitment to generosity and bettering the lives of women all over the world.  To accomplish this mission a portion of each Karin Gentry sale is given to anti-human trafficking charities.

Everyday luxuries for all women and all occasions, Karin Gentry designs make a statement even whilst being understated.  Karin now invites you to discover her brand of effortlessly chic wares, and select the statement you wish to make.